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Dark Frontier is a co-op strategy game where a killer alien has broken onto a The Phoenix Space Station. The players take on the roles of crewmates, and must work together to keep the ship in stable condition, keep each other alive, and trap and kill the alien. But be careful! The alien seems to be secreting some kind of pheromone...

Players must beware, for the alien stalks silently, and can easily slaughter any crewmates who find themselves alone with the deadly creature. But the game doesn't end there! If a player dies, they become a ghost, with new abilities to assist their friends from beyond the grave. And maybe, just maybe, it could be possible to be brought back from the dead...

Now what happens when the alien pheremones takes over your body? Easy, you simply become an alien slave. Wait, what?! Yep, that's right. If a player lets their sanity deplete all the way down, the alien pheromones take over their mind, and they become a corrupted shell of their former self, with new, scary abilities to help their alien leader track down and kill the rest of the pathetic humans.


Dark Frontier was created for a class assignment where we were simply to develop any project, and document our creative process from start to finish. Development took place over the course of half a semester (2-3 months), and included everything from initial rough designs to playtests of the final product.

The design philosophy behind this game was to make a horror board game in a sci-fi setting that truly has tension and stakes, punishing the players for not strategizing well but not locking them out of the game. I was inspired by the game Among Us (which was very popular at the time due to the pandemic), and movies such as The Thing and Alien.